Monday, November 9, 2009

Naturally Selecting.

Terrifying, bulbous, sadistic and grotesque!

All things considered...I hope to see some dear girl fearless enough to brave criticism, common sense and gravity in these glorified lobster claws by Alexander McQueen. McQueen has a very special way of reminding us all of our primordial soupy pasts and how fashion like man, is ever evolving.

Darwin is absolutely rolling in his grave.

xx til next,


Crushing on Velvet.

While I have always proposed that black, black and more black is the way to go lately I have developed quite the wandering eye! I've been going ape as of late for the rich and warm and pregnant hues that fall inspires.

After seeing red for so long now I find myself surprised by my newfound infatuation with her more mature and muted cousins. Romantic rougey reds and plums, deep emerald and inky blue cobalt are marvelous when paired with a strong brow, scrubbed face and blushed cheek.

The most fascinating bit of all is the way in which we can now wear these colorful and enchanting new dyes. Imagine the intensity of a rich plummy velveteen coat over an infinitesimal gold party dress and very pale skin traipsing through the park en route to an idyllic dinner party? Or could you even bear to fathom how sublime these velveteen trousers by Chloe would look when paired with a scooped black top shorn above the navel?

I surely hope to see an army of deeply pigmented velveteen courtesans this holiday season!

xx til next,