Wednesday, July 23, 2008

About a boy.

For a very long time now I have been looking to Freja Beha Ericson for my androgynous style fix and I have to admit as terrible as it is I became quite bored with her! Gorgeous girl- but not quite cutting it for me. 

So imagine my pleasure and delightful astonishment at the new brilliant Marc by Marc adverts featuring fashion darling Cole Mohr! It seems silly that for such a long stretch of time the fashion community has been highlighting the masculinity in women...when there is a large and highly unexplored world of feminine male models and young, stylish and slender fashion dears. 

Whether Cole is splayed across train tracks or looking down demurely in a bow front LBD one thing is undeniable...killer legs. This kid is going big. TRUST ME.

BryanBoy must feel so honored at this moment in time.

xx til next, 

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