Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic Gold, Lily's Sold.

While I must try to contain my tears rumor on the street is that Olympic champion Michael Phelps is dating fashion's own Lily Donaldson. Poor Vladimir! Could that love story truly be over? I did see Lily and Vlad in Cannes this past May and they looked completely and terribly in love. 

Things to consider here:

-If this pairing is in fact true, will we be seeing less and less Lily in French Vogue? I'm sure Carine won't feel quite as fond of Donaldson.
-Will Vlad find another catwalker to mend his broken heart? 
-Was this pairing at all influenced by Vogue's April cover? The idea of models and athletes is devastatingly proper, as Giselle and LeBron demonstrated.

We will soon see I suppose!


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