Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome Back Beanie.

Can we take a minute to discuss this decidedly unfussy accessory? 

The beanie has always in my eyes been more of a provider of warmth than Sartorialist fodder. My earliest memories of this cold weather accoutrement would have to be on a school trip to Alcatraz where it was deemed a necessity by my mother so as not to catch cold. Admittedly, I have not spent much time thinking about it since. But this fall at Burberry and Alexander Wang it proudly defied all my preconceived notions and stood coolly tall atop Iekeline's head. This sent me diving feverishly into my hat and glove drawer only to return unsatisfied with a slouchy, crocheted version of the trend which seemed a little too Ashlee Simpson. 

I am not one to give up quite so easily however. I scoured Intermix, Diavolina, Madison...all not structured enough and with too much adornment and yes. Slightly defeated I went to Rite Aid to buy a pack of cigarettes and there low and behold was the perfect beanie. Black, structured, no unnecessary adornment and $6.99. 


xx til next, 

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