Thursday, April 9, 2009

The After Party.

My friend Brittany coined the phrase "Rockstar's Daughter" to describe when a chick is acting pouty and holier than thou. 

Don't you love it?

It brings to mind the likes of Theodora Richards and Daisy Lowe, Zoe Kravitz and the Jagger clan. Drinking too much whiskey, smoking every last cigarette, their handbags splashed with vodka and grenadine and filled with hotel room keys. Reform school, boys in bands, day old Marni stacked heels and Givenchy lace ups landing heel first in yesterday's room service. To make a long story short, for one night every girl should be able to act like a pouty entitled brat.

So why don't you...

..forget about work tomorrow and go out tonight? Cash in one of your sick days, (It's not YOUR FAULT that the cute guitarist kept your champagne glass filled all night!) Life is too short to be a worker drone and no one knows this better than these birds. 
..shimmy into your tightest leather pants, throw on your ex boyfriend's well abused and threadbare Lou Reed tshirt and wear a sexy Kiki de Montparnasse bra underneath it all?
..wear those red patent mary janes you bought at a sex shop and for ten quid as a laugh? Fetish footwear is so this season.
..forgo washing your hair and let it hang sunbleached and dirty down to the small of your back? You will be dancing all night anyway.
..wear a fur and all the jewelry in your jewelbox? When it comes to this look more is definitely more.

The night is young and so are you. Be a haughty bitch and have no apologies.

xx til next,

photos: foto decadent, lefashionimage


Mean Jean said...

the first shot is so "Josie & The Pussycats" the morning after.

RAHB said...

i like your writing on this one.