Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why Don't You?

Why Don't You...

..indulge yourself and purchase an Herve Leger bathing suit? I don't care about the cost, or what your tanlines will inevitably look like. They are sexy as hell and would look so damn great with a leather jacket and the lowest, darkest blue jeans. 

..Never throw anything away? I mean this in regards to clothing of course. From my mother I just scored the most awesomely trashy bleached out levis shredded beyond even dental recognition, and from my grandmother I inherited an insanely plush vintage Christian Dior feather jacket, as well as the tiniest silk pajama set of Diana Vreeland's with a deliciously adorable chinois neck. So reminiscent of Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2009. Even at this early age I'm keeping the kiddies in mind. 

..make a mix of music that inspires you to get dressed? Sometimes all it takes for me to get up and out of bed is Violent Femmes or Kings of Leon. Dress every day like it's a music video. 

xx til next,

photo: style.com

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