Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Left: Alexander Wang, Right: Forever 21

Forever 21 is like a bad boyfriend I keep drunk dialing. 

I know the clothes are cheaply made, I know the jewelry breaks the minute I step out of the store and turns my fingers green, and the music is like a terrible gay rave. I know that I will never wear that floppy felt a la J.Lo hat ever in my life, but I will still buy it for the hell of it. 

But I keep coming back! 
And whhhhy is this? It's so masochistic...

But I do! Because the one thing F21 cannot be beat for is inexpensive and trendy shoes. I know, I know the quality is not couture but the fit is usually very comfortable and in this economy I've been finding it very difficult to rationalize large purchases. And while I will never support counterfeiting I have been know to buy a good knockoff. And these F21 knockoffs of the Alexander Wang Alexis boot are pretty goddamn on point. While you won't get the insane heel of the Wang, the height on these F21's aren't too bad. 
So thank you Forever 21, for letting me dream a little retail dream.

xx til next,

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