Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why Don't You?

Why Don't You...
..find a new use for your shoes? I honestly believe the outstanding YSL cage heels could masquerade as a divine birdcage. ..DIY an old little black dress? This would be especially lovely if it was body conscious and minimally short. Be sure to use extremely sharp shears and try some shoulder cutouts? Perhaps snip out two large swatches on the ribcage? If this is too promiscuous for you you could reinforce said holes with a great nude mesh a la Winter Olympics. The possibilities are endlessly fabulous... to Paris, pop into Colette and purchase the Karl Lagerfeld Bear? I cannot imagine a better thing to stand proudly on my dresser and oversee my many wardrobe changes. I love how even in bear form Karl retains his tension in his lips.

xx til next,

photo source: the selby, YSL, style stalker

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