Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why Don't You?

Why Don't You...

..Convert your old mirrors and frames with just a bit of DIY? I found a dilapidated old full length at the Melrose Flea Market for 20 dollars and with a bit of gold spray paint dusted on the frame I added a touch of Venetian old world glamour to my apartment. This couldn't be easier or more satisfying.

..Retire your filing cabinet and place all your loose business cards and notes in a chic little toast rack? I uncovered this gem yesterday and with a bit of silver polish and elbow grease I now never forget where I left that cute waiter's number. ;)

..Never underestimate the terribly cool power of nude? A nude shoe lengthens the leg. A nude nail is undeniably chic with any outfit. A nude lip leaves ample room for a seriously sexy smoky eye.

..Abbreviate your skirt's length? Keeping it short in front and long and trailing in the back is a wonderful new take on seasonless fashion. Be it Balmain or Nina Ricci, or even garden shears to an old frock this new look is young and most certainly fresh and no, it does not resemble a mullet.

xx til next,

photo source: jak and jil

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