Friday, March 27, 2009

The most terrific waste of time EVER.

How much do I love Hermes? 

Quite a lot. Their craftsmanship is unparalleled, their perfumes unrivaled in their potency and their handbags are truly worth the wait and the price tag. No "it bag" will ever trump the Birkin or the Kelly, both of which have been carried by celebrities, royalty, and true style icons for many decades. While one of these said bags is still very much out of my reach I find some respite in the new Hermes website where one can print out a blueprint for their very own 2 inch paper Kelly bags. While not quite the real thing I think that this idea is horribly precious and clever. 

Some things one could do with their tiny adorable paper Kelly bags...

...Print one out on a thick vellum or cardstock in Hermes signature orange and attach to your next gift as a gift tag?

...Make a Kelly bag mobile for your new baby in bright vibrant colors? Start those little ones off young and they will always have a taste for glamour.

So much more glamourous than origami don't you think?

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