Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Battle Royale.

Bee Shaffer (Anna Wintour's gorgeous offspring)


Julia Restoin Roitfeld (Carine Roitfeld's chic and lovely daughter.)

Well, if anything these two are well matched. 
Both are beautiful, bright young things with Vogue closets at their disposal.
While both are front row denizens, Bee also has a job as contributing editor at Teen Vogue.
Julia has a background in graphic design.
Bee seems slightly more reserved and quiet in comparison, but is undeniably beautiful in that classic Hilary Rhoda way. 
Julia has that je ne se quois that only truly chic French girls carry. 
Bee is 19.
Julia is 26.

Hmmm...I am still stumped. I guess for me it would come down to who has the cooler mom. So the winner then would be Julia because no one screams style more than Carine.

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