Friday, April 18, 2008

The Rock Chick walks the land.

Milan fashion week never quite gets my heart racing like Paris or New York. Gucci's fall RTW changed my entire perspective. 

The hair was a perfect mix of Riley Keough and brit boho sensibility, the smoky eye like a drowsy morning after. 
While this may seem like a new direction for Gucci, Frida Giannini kept it all sexy and true to the roots of the fashion house. How fabulous is the idea of "the rich hippie."
Slinky little mini dresses with bulleted, utilitarian belts, the suede and leather booties adorned in straps and grommets. 

Perhaps the most fabulous thing of all is that this fall line is more accessible to women as you don't need every piece in a look to make a statement. Perhaps just the eastern bloc belt? The Cossack minidress? One or the other would do it. 

Its such a shame I can't get my hands on this stuff before Coachella! How incredible would those dresses look in the desert? Hair flying wildly, cigarette in hand...

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