Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Model Off Duty

Few things are more chic than the look of a model off duty. I prefer this look above all others, because models understand that key pieces; black skinnies, simple tanks layered with basic tees and a shrunken leather waistcoat are all that is necessary to look appealing and approachable. Dressing should never distract-in fact it should blend so perfectly it appears almost as a uniform. Natasha Poly, Ekat Kiseleva, Raquel Zimmerman and Lindsey Ellingson demonstrate this appeal perfectly.

Alas, these ladies also have the benefit of designer friendship-which often translates to incredible heavy, hardware emblazoned shoes and handbags of the moment-gifted to them by Marc, Frida, or Karl. Lucky girls, just don't be a theif and snatch your YSL shoes off the fall runway without asking. I hear Stefano wants a word with you Chanel. But who could stay angry with her? She is young, and kleptomania for style's sake is an admirable crime. 

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