Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fashion Cheers up.

Summertime is upon us people and there is something about the summer sunshine that makes us want to slather ourselves in Bain du Soleil, strap on our Etro super gladiators and smile. But it isn't just us, as I was driving down Sunset right past Chateau who do I see but Natasha Poly smiling down on me in fabulous Gucci! Her lanky body twisting across the back of a huge marble edifice. It's just a terrific ad and I think even Firda Giannini might be smiling across the pond in Milan. Even better how refreshing it was to see the Stella girls cheerily grinning down the runway- there is something undeniably sexy about simple white cotton nightgown-esqe dresses, natural tumbling hair and a big ole toothy smile. Get happy, summer is upon us!  

xx til next, 

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