Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gentlemen, lock your closets.

A pin-thin leg is undeniably chic. Always has been and always shall be. I love the look of a girl with bedhead, last night's Atwoods, an oversized cashmere sweater and the skinniest of black pants. So here is a tip: While leggings and tight skinnies are easy to come by, I want to clue all you ladies in on where to get your cashmere. The boys! Menswear may have been previously deemed shapeless and yawn-inducing but I am telling you they've got the best sweaters. So ladies I am advocating a little rifling through your boyfriends and best friends closets -"borrow" that XL forest-green V-necked cashmere! Let the men "lend" you their Calvins! I'm in total awe of the dizzying array of cashmere sweaters my sister has accumulated. Taupe with a crew neck, black and nubby in cardigan style, sheer and off the shoulder dove gray. Girls, even if it is 78 degrees without a single gust of wind, tell him you're chilly and help yourself to his sumptuous Maison Martin know the one with the chic dark leather elbow pads?

xx til next,

Picture: Caroline Vreeland takes a page from The Borrowers. I would say the lashes and Cristal only enhance the delicious feeling of cashmere on bare skin, don't you think?

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C.Vreeland said...

I'm obsessed w/ you. W/ us.