Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Things I just adore.

In my life, I love to focus on beautiful things...Botero and Champagne, Party Frocks and Rigaud Candles, Sushi at Matsuhisa and Waterford Crystal. But some of life's most exquisite pleasures are simple and easy to attain. Here are some everyday things I definitely adore. 

1. Second day Mascara.
2. Trader Joes' Pinot Grigio.
3. Impromptu Facebook photo splurges.
4. Tealights.
5. Our fabulous new throw pillows- just 10 dollars on Melrose. Turned our IKEA couch into a Marrakech mirage. 
6. Theory tanks. Truly the most amazing second skin. 
7. Driving on Fountain Ave with Caroline, listening to Razorlight's Golden Touch. 
8. Sunday morning coffee on Larchmont.
9. Perfect penmanship, all caps architectural. 
10. AXE on Abbot Kinney for the most simple, incredible Bolognese in the world. 

xx til next, 


Jean said...

i love you for loving AXE.

imsohood said...

axe is the best. end of story