Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fluorescent Adolescent

You used to get it in your fishnets,
Now you only get it in your nightdress!
Discarded all the naughty nights for niceness,
landed in a very common crisis.
-Arctic Monkeys.

As far as romantic rock and roll pairings go, I've been feeling a little let down since Pete and Kate's demise. Nothing inspires more than a chain-smoking model and her volatile rock star beau. Instead of mourning the breakup of my favorite love affair, I have transferred my energy to a new blossoming romance. 

Alex Turner (Front man for Arctic Monkeys) and Alexa Chung (British TV personality and model) are pretty young things quite in love. Turner is the quirky adorable vocalist and songwriter for AM, and we can't help but smile at the thought of him and Chung painting the London-town red. (A good Chinese red DV would say) And Alexa, well I would say I'm moderately obsessed with her for the following reasons:

-"Old boyfriends have accused me of deliberately dressing to look ugly."
-"My style is at once scruffy and preppie, I'm like a spoilt brat who only has access to her grandmother's wardrobe."
-"I never dress to please men."
-"Basically, I want to look like I'm wearing a wig."

Sienna Miller watch your back. Alexa's beauty, wit and youth feel far more fresh for 2008. 

xx til next,

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